Focus and Objectives

Focus and Objectives of Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka (LUB-Karnataka)

Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka (LUB-Karnataka), a chapter of LUB, works incessantly for the cause of micro and small enterprises across the state. LUB-Karnataka is currently present in 17 districts of Karnataka and plans are afoot to cover a few more by the end of this year and by the year 2018 reach all the 30 districts of Karnataka The organization aims at providing required facilities for the growth and development of micro and small enterprises. It is a forum to exchange new ideas, best practices and collectively tackle problems facing both the industry as a whole and an enterprise in particular. Given below are a few areas that LUB – Karnataka ceaselessly works on:

The organization strives to empower SMEs and imbibe Global Competence in them through various initiatives some of which are as follows:

• Entrepreneurial Development programmes for the Entrepreneurs, Supervisors, Operators of the Industries

• Industrial Visits

• Regular interactive meetings with successful entrepreneurs of different industry sectors

• Mentoring on weekly basis for start-ups

• Participation in trade fairs both National & International

• Conducting International level exhibitions

• Organization of Delegations to various countries

Skill development programs:

LUB- Karnataka conducts several Skill Development Programmes. Having completed more than 50 in the year 2014 -2015 alone, the organization expanded its activity in the year 2015-16 to include four more districts in Karnataka and take the number of programs to 90.

The theme for the programs for this year is “Empowering Micro & Small Entrepreneurs to achieve Global Competitiveness”.

The agenda for the current year is to:

• Focus on Engaging Entrepreneurs in MSME Sector to modern practices of management.

• Focus on Global Changes in the Business Eco system.

• Introduce Tools of excellence to Entrepreneurs, Managers and Supervisory Staff.

• Encourage all the stake holders to Innovate and Create new Things and Ideas.

• Make the Indian Manufacturing ready for skills required for Global Marketplace.

• Encourage India Manufacturing through the medium of India Manufacturing Shows. Next event will be held in the year 2016

• Providing a very powerful and Global B2B and B2C Marketplace for Micro, Small and Medium Industries.

• Liaise with various government agencies for the benefit of MSME Sector. These programs have multiple target audience -- Entrepreneurs, Supervisors, and Operators.

The skill development programs draw expertise in the form of resource persons from premier academic institutions as well as industry. These development programs have been received very well by a large number of young professionals from a wide spectrum of Industries in the Micro, Small and Medium Scale Industries in Bangalore. The programs are open to participants from the member pool of LUB-Karnataka as well as outside.

Industrial Visits:

LUB-Karnataka routinely organizes industrial visits. In the recent past, a few of its members visited Kennametal and Toyota Kirloskar. This, the organization believes, will help in learning about best practices, adapting them to individual needs and achieving business excellence. Besides industrial visits, LUB-Karnataka also organizes interaction with industry bodies and institutions. Notable among them is the interaction with C-DoT in which C-Dot gave an insight into Technology Transfer, Vendor Development, Cluster/Consortium formation for industries of Micro and Small Sectors.

Vendor Development Program:

The objective of Vendor Development Program is to develop SMEs as competitive manufacturers and suppliers of components required by large industries for local and overseas market through international linkages. Large corporate houses will handle the sessions of this programme. LUB was a part of PM Delegation for the summit of BRICKS.

LUB-K participated in the two day fair organized by FICCI and External affairs department of GOI – ICEBF in order to understand the working of SMEs in respective countries as also open trade channels for industries of Karnataka.

With increasing focus on renewable energy, and many SMEs showing keen interest in the same, LUB-K in association with KREDL is conducting seminars throughout Karnataka on Solar Roof Top Power Plants in order to spread the importance of Renewable Energy.In keeping with ‘Make in India’ project of Hon’ble PM, Shri. Narendra Modi, LUB-Karnataka from this year has been focusing on rural industries and Women Entrepreneurs.

International Exhibition in Bangalore: India Manufacturing Show As an addition to an array of several successes, at the behest of its National Body, LUB – Karnataka planned a showcase event on a periodic basis under the aegis of the state unit. In the winter of 2009 started the earnest efforts to initiate a flagship event of Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka. The result was India Manufacturing Show (IMS).

The first of the event held on a very large scale in October, 2010, received an overwhelming response from the MSME industry. Over 80 per cent of the participants had confirmed their participation in the next show as well. About 70 per cent of the visitors had rated IMS 2010 as either excellent or good. IMS is now a show of international stature that provides Indian SMEs with a supportive framework for Marketing of their products/services. IMS Foundation, the leading industrial apex body engaged in facilitating, liaising the overall development of Engineering Manufacturing sector in India and Reliance Broadcast Network Limited in strategic partnership with Bloomberg UTV organized the second edition of the India Manufacturing Show in September, 2012 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore, India. IMS 2014 reaffirmed its position as the premier manufacturing event, with over 375 exhibitors from India & Taiwan participating and over 6,000 business visitors – a 15% increase over the previous edition -- during the three-day event. The 3rd edition of the show was organised by IMS Foundation, Laghu Udyog Bharati - Karnataka and National Small Industries Corp. Ltd. In addition, the show also recorded an increase in the number of visitors from Germany as well as other countries of Europe. As the true platform for businesses in every sector of the manufacturing industry, India Manufacturing Show has delivered tangible business benefits for both exhibitors showcasing their products and services, and industry visitors sourcing the same, Plans are now underway for India Manufacturing Show 2016 and a large number of exhibitors have already confirmed their participation.

Working for better business environment Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka prevailed upon the State Government to recognize Laghu Udyog Bharati on par with other associations and has gained representation in Karnataka Small Scale Industries Development Corporation, Karnataka Leather Industries Development Corporation, Karnataka State Finance Corporation, Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, VAT Advisory Committee and Industrial Vision Group of 2020 to strive for the betterment of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in the state.

It is by virtue of the endeavors of Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka with these organizations that several progressive changes could be effected for the benefit of MSME entrepreneurs. For instance, the association worked closely with KSFC to ensure that their Project Clearance function was decentralized and new projects could be cleared at the regional level itself.

This important change speeded up the process significantly. Even with KSPCB, Laghu Udyog Bharati has played an important role in bringing about reforms in the consent process which has simplified the exercise for both KSPCB & the entrepreneurs. This is regarded as taking industrialists a step closer towards stemming and ultimately removing the Inspector Raj. Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka has also forwarded its suggestions & recommendations on matters that affect MSMEs significantly. Prominent among them are: a) Amendment of MSMED Act 2006 b) Working Paper on the 12th Plan, touching upon

i) Strengthening the link between Agriculture & Marketing

ii) Strengthening of MSMEs

iii) Tackling regional imbalances in growth

iv) Focus on skills development

v) Improvements in the regulatory environment

Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka takes proactive steps to influence the governments both at the Centre and state through its representation and pre-budget memoranda. It urges the Government to address various issues faced by MSMEs. The organisation was invited by the state government to give its suggestions for Industrial Policy 2014-2019. It has also given its views on how to promote/increase exports by MSMEs for Export Promotion Policy of the State for 2014-2019. Besides, LUB-Karnataka has also voiced its opinion and suggested suitable measures to be considered before the proposed amendment to Panchayat Raj Act (1993) (Kar. Act 14) It is also a matter of pride that Laghu Udyog Bharati has always intended to create a common platform across all industrial affiliations and has actively collaborated with other Industrial Associations & Bodies, both National and local, to work relentlessly for the welfare of the entrepreneurial fraternity as a whole. Motivating Entrepreneurs to excel Laghu Udyog Bharati is an association that brings together like-minded industrialists & entrepreneurs with a national spirit across the entire country. While it aims at assisting aspiring entrepreneurs to develop to their full potential and be of service to the nation, it also works towards keeping its members motivated and inspired to excel.

To keep alive this fraternal spirit, Prashikshana Varga (Educational Session on the Professional aspects) classes are organized regularly by the team. LUB-Karnataka also mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and hand-holds them by imparting necessary business acumen to set-up, grow and sustain their businesses. Mentoring is done by LUB Team in co-ordination with premier science and management institutes of the country. The state unit of Laghu Udyog Bharati in Karnataka has grown in this fashion and has emerged as a model region (pranth) along with a few other states. Industrial Spectrum – Voice of Laghu Udyog Bharati Karnataka Industrial Spectrum, the monthly magazine first published in January 2011, has been covering issues relevant to the MSME industry in the State. The monthly magazine has been devoting space to cover specific industry sectors such as aerospace, mining and metallurgy, automotive, manufacturing, industrial engineering and so on. Through the articles and special features, the magazine strives to provide insights to industrialists across sectors. INDUSTIAL SPECTRUM has been successfully covering the latest happenings in various industrial segments mentioned above; it regularly features products and latest innovations, news of use to MSMEs, interesting technical articles, general interest articles, profiles of successful industrialists, interviews with leading individuals and an events calendar that lists exhibitions/tradeshows. The magazine is well received and read by government/semi government organizations, officials and other decision/policy makers concerned with the development of business and industry. The magazine also serves as a source of information for embassies, senior executives of public enterprises, purchase managers, technicians from leading industries, distributers, and traders.

Valuable Lessons:

Study Tour to Germany A study Tour with the theme of “Resource Efficiency” was organized jointly by Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka. The tour had a delegation of LUB – Karnataka members from various industry sectors. Micro and small enterprises were given an opportunity to visit Germany and learn more study energy efficiency with emphasis on the fields of construction and demolition, recycling of automobiles and renewable energy. The team visited Elektrizitatswerke Schonau Energie (EWS) where an NGO is engaged in generation of alternate energy in the form of SOLAR and WIND power. They have over the period achieved self-sufficiency in energy and now supply energy to around 1,57,000 houses. This is working on the principle of Cooperation and it has been the model for Germany. Today around 30 % of electricity produced in Germany is from Non conventional sources and this is in response to the Nuclear Disaster at Russia. A visit to the bio gas plant in Reterra was a telling experience in efficient management of Solid, Wet and Biological Waste. The waste processing company Reterra handles the waste and it generates around 36,00,000 Kwh of electricity through this Bio gas Plant. After processing the residue like liquid composite and dry composite are being sold to farmers. The entire plant is situated in around 5 acre plot and works in 2 shifts with 12 workmen. To eliminate the smell methane is added with H2SO4 . Around 34 Million Tons of waste was handled in the year 2013. The team was in for a surprise when they visited a Football Stadium having the capacity of around 20,000 people. The entire roof top of the stadium is covered by solar energy producing panels producing all energy requirement of stadium except floodlights. Surplus electricity, whenever available, is upgraded to the grid. What is more an entire district, Vauban is structurally planned to be eco-friendly and energy efficient. All the doors and windows are facing towards the south east to attract the maximum sunlight and all roof tops are fitted with solar electricity producing panels. The houses are well insulated to avoid heat loss due to weather conditions.

Visit to the State Of Bavaria – Munich Segment:

A delegation level meeting and interaction was held with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and media and Energy and Technology of the State Of Bavaria led by Mr .Ulrich K. Rieger Senior Official from International Affairs Office and LUB - Karnataka team led by Dr. Vaman Acharya, former Chairman- KSPCB, with Mr B. S. Srinivasan, Vice President LUB Karnataka. Visit to Construction and Demolition waste recycling plant of M/s. Ettengruber in Munich was equally educative. The team observed the planning and execution of demolition of a 40 year old building, live. The team was briefed on the recovery of the useful material from the old building, their handling of the waste material and recoverable waste processing. The highlight of the operation was segregation of Concrete , Brick with other building material and crushing these to the required size to further use in the other construction activities such as roads, and pavements. An interesting business opportunity emerged from this visit, that of manufacturing sand (MSand) in our own country. During a visit to Recycling Plant of ELV at Ingolstadt, an Audi approved recycle center, the team observed the extraction of reusable parts from the End Of Life Vehicle and its storing, shipment to service centers and accounting processes. Though the same is practiced in India, Germans surpass us in their dismantling process and their ability to maximize output with little damage to environment.

Visit to Munich Tech University Garching :

The LUB team also Visited IWB TUM Institute where they were able to see the actual production of a Gear Box with Energy Efficient model. One of the experts made a presentation about Lean Production, Energy Productivity and levels of improving the manufacturing efficiency with the real production setting. A visit to the state controlled state of art Sewage Treatment Plant at the city of Augsburg left the team with a lesson or two to bring back home. The unit is working on the principle of No profit no loss basis and the actual cost of running the plant in being born by the residents of the city. This plant produces biogas form the biological waste treatment through huge Digesters and is being used for the heating purpose and the treated water is allowed to flow to the river Lech . Launch of Women Entrepreneur Cell As an extension of its belief and with a view to support women entrepreneurs from across the state, LUB – Karnataka launched “Women Entrepreneur cell”.

The cell aims to support aspiring and established women entrepreneurs to enhance and sustain entrepreneurial skills along with innovation and technology up gradation to grow their businesses. It will focus on working towards excellence and to bring about capacity building with key inputs in financial and marketing management to ensure competitiveness in the current business environment.


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